Should I Hire A Professional For My Senior’s Portraits?

In the day and age where everyone owns a digital camera, you may be wondering if investing in senior portraits is necessary. I admit, I can be a bit biased (I’m a professional photographer after all), but here are 4 things I share with my moms to consider when deciding if professional portraits are right for their senior.

  1. It’s Not About Photos, it’s about an experience to share together:
    If you want someone to take just a few pictures of your senior, I will be transparent and say that I am probably not the photographer you’re looking for. Clients book me because of the experience and support I offer their seniors that result in authentic, quality photos. I have had the pleasure of working with teens and their families for 8 years and understand how to work with them to create an uplifting experience that they will remember long after their images are delivered. You’ll have my guidance every step of the way from session prep and choosing their locations to your senior being fully pampered on their big day. The images are simply a result of the unforgettable experience you’ll have together where you can celebrate all your senior has accomplished while getting them excited for their next big chapter. More than likely the next time they will get professional photos will be their wedding day. Whoa! Now that’s something to think about!
  2. What makes a beautiful photo is more than the camera: When you look at a portrait, you are seeing the accumulation of techniques that draw your eye to a subject (techy, I know). Understanding the use of location, lighting, focus and body-positive posing makes a huge difference in the quality of your senior’s portrait experience. Your senior shouldn’t be worried about how to pose or if they are going to look good in their photos. They have enough pressure in their lives already! I’ve got your back on all the techniques so they can relax, get the guidance they need and LOVE the way they look in their pictures.
  3. Photos Build Confidence: Did you know that the more teens are in front of the camera, the more confidence they have in their worth and abilities? It’s true! Studies show that when teens get professional portraits taken, they get positive reinforcement that they are important, know their presence within the family matters and feels cared for by those around them. And we ALL could use a little more of that, don’t you think?
  4. A Photo Session Creates Tangible Memories: Digital files are a popular item, but when is the last time you looked at all the images on your computer and truly enjoy them? Printed images allow you the opportunity to reflect back on your legacy. We all know life is fleeting and our kids grow up way to fast. Soon your senior will be off to college and that album you had designed or the canvas on your wall is going to make you smile with emotion every time you look at it and remember that day.

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