Best Locations For Spring Photos

The Pacific Northwest is a fantastic location for all types of photo sessions. With so much variety in the landscape, you can have whatever backdrop your heart desires. Here are some of the best locations for favorite spring photos.

1-Pt. Defiance: Whenever my clients ask me what location I would recommend for a spring session, Point Defiance Park is always at the top of my list. Cherry Trees, Daffodils, and Tulips burst into color at this location and bring lots of color and life to the gardens. There are beautiful trees and flowering shrubs to add lots of texture. The best thing about this location is the variety. You can get a garden feel as well as an urban feel at Point Defiance Park. The Pagoda offers brick walls and concrete fences that provide an urban vibe for lots of variety in photos.

2- Washington Arboretum: The Washington Arboretum is a fantastic location for spring photos. There are lots of azaleas and cherry blossoms to add pastel pops of color that bring joy and fun to your photos. The Arboretum has fantastic bridges to add variety to the park with rich green trees and walking trails. Check out more from Cassidy’s spring session at the Arboretum.

3- Curran Apple Orchard Park: Nothing says spring like an orchard filled with beautiful apple blossoms and Curran Apple Orchard Park in Tacoma offers everything you could hope for. Apple trees in perfect rows that peak to bloom at the end of April. There are also red barns and out buildings to add some texture and variety. If you want all an orchard has to offer, this is a perfect location for spring portraits. Click here to see more from our senior bonus session at Apple Curran Park.

4- UW Quad: If you are looking for Cherry Blossoms, there is no better location than the UW Quad. Every spring the quad bursts into life with 100 year old cherry trees and it is breathtaking. The UW campus is beautiful with its architecture and presents lots of options for variety in spring photos. The only downside is that the quad gets very busy with tourists, so plan your trips accordingly for off-peak days and times. One of our favorite sessions was Hailey’s spring session at the peak of the cherry blossoms.

5- Skagit Valley Tulip Farms: If you love adventure (and tulips) then a trip up to the Skagit Valley during tulip season is a must. There are farms as far as the eye can see with tons of tulips and beautiful scenery. It is so picturesque and beautiful- a must see for anyone visiting the Pacific Northwest in the springtime. The tulip farms are popular and attract lots of tourists, so plan your session of off days at sunset for the best results. The tulip farms are always one of our most popular sessions. The landscape is amazing.

There you have it! Our most popular spring locations. If you are interested in booking a spring session, click on the link below for more information.

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