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I capture the transitional years when your child is growing into the adult they will become .....

a time marked by tremendous development and change.

a time that is so defining and impressionable.

a time that deserves to be photographed.

It's So Much More Than Photos...

As a mom raising my own tween, I find myself always asking "where does the time go"? Do you do that, too?


Time is so fleeting and with our busy schedules it's hard to stop and notice all the changes that our children are going through. As they approach the pre-teen years, they still have that child in them that we love so much, but now they are facing bigger pressures, more grown up issues and more responsibility. Then, it's senior year and they are preparing to start the next chapter in their lives. They'll be on their own soon and you're trying to take advantage of every minute before it's time to say "good bye".


I've had the pleasure of working with tweens, teens and their families for 8 years and I love capturing the essence of who they are during this defining time. At their photo session, they are free to express themselves, without expectations or judgement. It's time to simply be who they are and celebrate their individuality. For moms, a teen session means the gift of time that allows you to connect with your son or daughter. It's glorious, uninterrupted minutes for both of you to enjoy and spend together. In the day and age when teenagers are always with friends or buried in their phones, it's time so rare and treasured. A portrait session is SO MUCH more than photos. It's time, memories, celebration, reflection and connection. It's the best part of what I do.


"We were so impressed with Tammy's ability to put Tessa at such ease during her session. She made the whole experience so much fun for her. We love the photos and her vision for locations, posing and styling is SO GOOD! She is wonderful at what she does and I am thrilled to have the memories. Times are challenging right now which makes this experience even more special."



~ Tia Bocock

Elite Program

Are you looking for an elevated photo experience for your senior or teen? Something that lifts them up, builds their confidence and gives them tons to look forward to for the upcoming year? The Elite Program is an exclusive photo opportunity where high-school age teens and their families can participate in multiple photo sessions and activities over the course of the year. This program is perfect for teens that love new experiences, love to meet new friends and want to create lots of fun memories. All the sessions and activities planned for the Elite Program are built with our teens and their families in mind. Here are just a few of the advantages of the program:


  • Mother and Daughter Photo Experiences
  • Best Friend Photo Experiences
  • Exclusive Family and Sibling Discounts
  • Premium Location Options
  • Priority Scheduling for Sessions



Our Senior Sessions are full of celebration and excitement as we document such an important, milestone year. We offer several options from Cap & Gown celebrations and traditional sessions to a full year-round exclusive experience.


Our Tween and Teen Sessions are perfect for celebrating your daughter's first pair of pointe shoes or a special birthday. We offer a one-hour traditional session or a fun, year-round experience that gives them something to look forward to throughout the year.


Our Family Sessions are a perfect time to bring the whole family together before your senior heads off to college. These sessions are filled with laughter, fun and connection and capture the beautiful legacy you've created.

Our Client's Favorite Things

Our goal is to provide our clients with a premium experience and offer a variety of services that allow them to customize their sessions. We want our clients to not only love their images, but to also have tangible keepsakes that last long after their session. Here are the most popular things our client's love when working with us.


Boutique Print Items

We offer a large variety of custom print options including luxury albums, graduation items, keepsake boxes and wall art. Our print items are handcrafted especially for our clients and give them a beautiful remembrance of their portrait day.

Professional Services

Our clients love our pro hair and makeup and styling services. Our professionals are invested in making sure our clients are confident and feel beautiful on their portrait day.

Client Resources

We have lots of resources to help you plan the perfect day. Client guides, pre-session consults and phone apps are available to answer all your questions, provide tips and support you, every step of the way.

Recent Work


Senior Portraits are an amazing opportunity to get rare 1:1 time with your busy senior. Sign-up below for free tips on how to create a special day that your senior will remember long after their pictures are taken.


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