How To Make Family Portraits A Great Experience For Your Family

As a mom, I know what happens when I tell my family we’re getting professional portraits taken. Their eyes roll into the back of their head. They moan and complain. Everyone has a different comfort level in front of the camera and it can be challenging to get everyone on board. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips on making family portrait day a great experience for your family.

Make it an experience: Plan fun activities on your photo session day. Schedule a fun outing to get pedicures together or shop for new outfits. Explore the park or go get ice cream at a favorite restaurant after the session is done. The more you can take advantage of the time you have together to build connection and make it an experience, the more it takes the focus off the photos and places it on the fun you share as a family.

Look at old family photos: One of the things we do as a family before photo day is to look through old family photos, tell stories, and laugh together. Studies show the more kids see themselves in photos, the more connected they feel to the family unit. Share stories that lift them up, make them laugh, and show them how much they’ve grown.

Let your family express themselves: As a mom, I know the pressure to coordinate outfits and make sure everything is perfect during your family portraits. Allowing your family to have a say in planning for the session is an important part of gaining their cooperation. Allow them bring an outfit of their choice so they can express themselves. Have them choose 1 or 2 items to bring such as a favorite stuffed animal or a video game controller. These personal choices will help your family feel involved and give you fun, expressive pictures that capture their true personality.

Offer something special: Offer your family members something special to use or wear while at the photo session. Perhaps a pair of earrings your daughter loves or a special family heirloom. The smallest things can hold tremendous value and really elevate the experience.

Come prepared with stories: The night before your family portrait session, write down 3-5 things about each of your family members to share during the session. It can be a funny story, a time they made you proud, or jokes to get everyone laughing. For families with older children, have the kids participate in coming up with stories as well. This is a great way to lift your family up and get everyone laughing during family photos.

A family portrait session is not just about pictures, it’s about taking time together to connect and enjoy each other. If you are interested in scheduling a family portrait session to connect with your family, head over to our family page for information.

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