Flaming Geyser Senior Portraits- Lindsey

What do you do if it rains on the day that you have your senior portrait session scheduled…. 4 times?⁠

You stay patient and hold out for a perfect spring day! That’s right! Lindsey has been waiting 6 months for her portrait session since each day we rescheduled in the fall it rained, but it was worth the wait because she had the most perfect, spring day with beautiful sunshine and warm(ish) temperatures!⁠ Thank goodness we got her session in before the “stay at home” orders came out or we would have had to reschedule again and again and well…. you get the point.

Lindsey is very detailed and meticulous. She had a vision of how she wanted her senior portraits to look and I am so thankful we had such a beautiful day for her. One of her visions was to be in a white dress with flowing water and even though that water was COLD, she was totally game and the pictures turned out amazing!⁠ Well done, Lindsey!

Lindsey is heading to Washington State University this fall to study business! Thank you Lindsey for all the fun this past year- what an honor to get to work with you through all the crazy. Here is a sneak peek into the fun we had!

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