Embracing Your Senior Year

It’s already August and soon you will be starting your Senior Year. This next year will move quickly and there is so much to do. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your Senior Year!

Visit college campuses: by now you have probably visited several of your favorite college picks, but as those application responses come in, if possible, visit your final choices again. This is a huge decision and you want to make sure the college you choose is right for you. Walk around, get a feel for what it will be like- this place is soon to be your new home, so make sure you take the time to make sure it’s a good fit.

Spend more time with friends: Whatever you decide to do after high school, it’s likely that some of your friends will be moving away too. Try to take advantage of your time together. There will be lots of opportunities over Christmas break to meet for coffee, look at Christmas lights, or head over to see a movie. Enjoy the people that you love and make you feel amazing- and don’t be afraid to meet some new people too!

Thank your teachers: This is the time to reach out to those teachers who made an impact on you. Your teachers would totally love to hear a small token of your gratitude. Remember, most of them have a passion for what they do. Showing appreciation will go a long way. 

Embrace school activities: This is your chance to fully participate in everything your school has to offer. Don’t look back and regret not going for the last time. Basketball games, dance competitions, PROM! Make the time to show your school spirit and go!

Spend more time with family: It’s hard to balance school life, homework, and friends, but don’t forget to spend time with your family.

Be adventurous: explore new things, new places, something different. Take a day trip with your BFF’s, or visit a new coffee shop, check out a museum, or take a long drive. We live in the Pacific Northwest, so there are always new places to explore.

Be upfront with your feelings: There’s no better time to embrace honesty and be open with how you are feeling. Senior year is stressful, so make sure you are talking to someone that offers you support and guidance. Relying on family, friends, or a teacher you trust can help you work through tough times and give you the lift you need to make you successful.

Forgive and forget: It’s time to let go of old grudges. I can guarantee that once you graduate high school and move forward in your new life, all the old stuff won’t even matter anyway. Holding on to the past will only leave you with a negative impact on your life, so it’s time to let it go.

Practice basic life skills: Now is the time to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Make sure you know the basics, for example, laundry, cooking, and how to handle money. Practice now while you still have parents around to guide you and make sure you’re ready to head out on your own.

Embracing each day and making the most of your Senior Year will ensure you graduate and head off to your next chapter feeling good with no regrets. This is the time to make your senior year count- believe it or not, you only have 5 short months left! Make it count and have an amazing time!

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