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It's So Much More Than Photos...

As a mom raising my own family, I find myself always asking "where does the time go"? Do you do that, too?


Time is so fleeting and with our busy schedules it's hard to stop and notice all the changes that our children are going through. As moms, we invest so much time in loving and raising our children. We run them to soccer games and band practice, cheerleading try-outs and tutoring sessions. It can be exhausting, am I right? But we wouldn't have it any other way because we are building our own legacy. Photos have a way of slowing time down and capturing each stage of your family from toddlers to teenagers. They give us the chance to remember, to reflect, and to see our own history.


I've had the pleasure of photographing families, children, and teens for the past 8 years and I love capturing the essence of my clients. A portrait session is SO MUCH more than photos. It's time, memories, celebration, reflection and connection. It's the best part of what I do.


I capture the transitional years when your children are growing into the adults they will become .....

a time marked by tremendous development and change.

a time that is so defining and impressionable.

a time that deserves to be photographed.



Our Family Sessions are a perfect time to bring the whole family together. These sessions are filled with laughter, fun and connection and capture the beautiful legacy you've created.


Our Senior Sessions are full of celebration and excitement as we document such an important, milestone year. We offer several options including Cap & Gown celebrations and traditional sessions.


Our Tween and Teen Sessions are perfect for celebrating your daughter's first pair of pointe shoes or a special birthday. We offer a one-hour session or a birthday session to celebrate her big day with special friends.

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