The Idea Project- Branding Session

I am so excited to introduce Allison and her 2 children, Wyatt and Shaylee. Allison is the founder of The Idea Project, a non-profit that she started in 2014 to provide interactive disability awareness to schools. Her son, Wyatt was her inspiration and as a parent raising a child with down syndrome, she started the organization to help Wyatt ease into social situations and help other kids understand his world. The goal of The Idea Project is to create understanding and empathy by educating students about differences and different abilities.

One of the exercises she has the kids participate in is to talk with a large marshmallow in their mouth. The challenge of speaking with a large marshmallow in your mouth gives the kids an interactive way of learning and truly seeing the challenges of kids with different abilities. Her ability to bring awareness, teach compassion and educate youth on understanding kids with all abilities has opened minds and created an environment of acceptance with kids of all ages.

Spending a short hour with this family showed me how much love and devotion they have to each other and their success. Wyatt is so loving to his family and his enthusiastic personality made working with him so exciting. Shaylee is an adorable 6th grader that is smiley and giggly. I loved watching her and Wyatt interact and support each other during the session. Allison has so much compassion and patience. She is strong, supportive, loving and devoted to her family and she has made a career out of her passion.

Thank you, Allison, for allowing me to spend some time with your gorgeous family. Here is a peek into our time together. Make sure you check out The Idea Project and all the opportunities they have to give back to the community.

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