Personal Branding Session- Lyn

I had the pleasure of working with Lyn this past summer for her personal branding session. This gorgeous lady wanted some fresh and fun photos for upcoming presentations she is preparing for speaking engagements. Lyn is vibrant, funny, whip-smart, and has a captivating personality that commands a room. It is ALWAYS a pleasure to spend time with her. So are you wondering what is a personal branding session? And what might be the difference between a personal branding session and headshots?

Headshots Photography Sessions are typically more formal and focus on upper body shots from the waist up. They are perfect if you are looking for photos to update your social media profiles, website images, or resume photos. 

Personal Branding Sessions take it a step further and focus on storytelling. This type of session focuses on genuine expression, movement, and scene to give people a sense of who you are and what’s important to you. Personal branding images are great for presentations, website content, social media content, and social media profiles. 

Lyn’s personality is incredible and shines through all the pictures we took of her. I even managed to capture a few funnies at the very end. There is no containing her sense of humor!

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