Makeup Tips for Headshots & Personal Branding Photos

Your branding session is all scheduled and I bet you’re wondering how to prepare. So, let’s talk makeup tips. If you are anything like me, most days you live in comfy leggings, sweatshirts, and no makeup. Although it’s nice to be able to work from home, you want to look and feel your best during your branding photo session. When applying makeup, make sure to apply camera-ready makeup. What’s that you ask? Basically, the glass in the camera is made to refract light which can make you look washed-out and pale if you don’t apply the right makeup. Below are some makeup tips for headshots and branding photo sessions that will make you look picture-perfect. 

Lips and Cheeks: Use one shade darker on the lips and cheeks and avoid nude lipstick. A good pop of color will help define your features and give you a beautiful, rosy glow on portrait day.

Define Your Eyes: Eyeliner and lashes create depth and drama, allowing your eyes to show up well in photos. Keep your color palette simple using shadows in neutral colors that compliment your eye color.

Moisturize: For skin that looks fresh and radiant, make sure you apply a high-quality moisturizer. Foundation will apply more evenly if your face is prepped and your skin will look soft and glowy.

Match Your Foundation: Make sure foundation matches your current skin tone and choose one that is light and natural. To help reduce wrinkles, use a primer on the skin to keep foundation from creasing. Apply a light powder to keep your skin fresh and radiant.

Groom Unwanted Facial Hair: Groom your brows to bring definition to your eyes. Wax any unwanted facial hair at least one week prior to your session to reduce redness and swelling from showing up in your photos.

Freshen Your Nails: Give your nails a fresh coat of paint before your session. Chose colors that are neutral and avoid loud or bright colors. If you are wearing open-toed shoes or sandals, moisturize your feet to keep them from looking cracked and dry.

Consider a professional: A professional makeup artist can take all the pressure off your session day by applying professional makeup. Makeup artists understand camera-ready makeup and can give you a fresh, updated look while leaving you relaxed and pampered. Let us know if you want to use a hair and makeup artist and we will gladly get that scheduled for you. 

We hope you find these makeup tips for headshots useful when planning your session.

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