Cap and Gown Photo Session- Ayden

As a photographer, certain families leave a lasting impression on you, and the Berg family is one example. Over the years, I’ve captured the milestones and moments of their lives including Ayden’s two older brother’s senior photos, Brady and Ethan. Now it’s Ayden’s turn to celebrate during his cap and gown photo session as he gets ready to graduate in just over a month.

Ayden has a passion for architecture and engineering and has yet to decide on which college he will pursue post-graduation, but you can bet that this smart, motivated young man is going to accomplish great things. During his Cap and Gown session, I enjoyed getting caught up on all his accomplishments this year and hearing the list of schools that he is evaluating for his final decision. I can’t wait to hear where he chooses to go and pursue the next chapter of his story.

To the Berg family, I want to express my deepest gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your three wonderful boy’s lives. From meeting Brady to celebrating Ayden, it’s been a privilege to document your family’s story. As Ayden sets off on his college journey, I do not doubt that he will continue to inspire those around him with his passion, drive, and creativity.

Here are just a few of the images we captured during his cap and gown photo session. Do you have a rising 2025 senior? I would love to work with them! Click here for all the information.

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