Best Outfits to Wear During your Photo Session

So you have a photo session coming up and you just don’t know what to wear! Well checkout today’s blog for some tips and tricks that should help you choose the right outfits to look and feel great during your next session.

Small patterns and solid colors:

Patterns and textures can look great in photos and add some extra pizazz against our sometimes gray, Pacific Northwest sky. If you want to go with a patterned outfit, stick with something that is small so it doesn’t distract your eye when looking at your photos. Small patterns and solid colors also make you look slimmer in your photos, so stay clear of loud prints or wide stripes which are less flattering. I love how Michelle’s family coordinated these great prints and solids for their family pictures this past fall. Great use of textures and keeping the same color palette really made them look cohesive.

Fall Family Pictures

Pops of color:

Bold pops of colors can really accentuate features such as your eyes, hair or soft skin tones. Look for pops of colors for shirts, dresses, scarves, chunky necklaces or a fun pair of earrings. Keeping colors neutral on your bottom half (pants and skirts) will create a slimmer line and keep attention away from any problem areas. Stella looks amazing in the red dress paired with her great hat and boots. She pops off the background in this downtown Tacoma location and the color really showcases her beautiful skin and eyes.

Downtown Tacoma High School Senior Pictures

Coordinating for families:

For group and family portraits, coordinate outfits with a color theme. For example, you could choose pastels and everyone can stick to that basic color palette but not necessarily have to wear the same color. This is a great way to complement each other, but not look identical (get it?). Look at these fun textures and prints, all in soft pastels for Kashari and Jennifer’s maternity session last spring. These amazing women are married to identical twins and it’s a great way to coordinate everyone without you seeing double! I love it!

Maternity Session Discovery Park, Seattle

Keep comfortable: 

Photo sessions can be hard work and usually include lots of walking, sitting, bending, etc. So make sure you wear clothes that allow you to move and be comfortable. If you have a pair of heels that you’re dying to wear, it might be a good idea to have a pair of flats with you just in case. If you do have a special outfit in mind, then perhaps change once you arrive at the location so you don’t get dirty and mess up your outfit. These amazing Seniors trekked through slush and snow for their prom shoot this past January. But don’t let them fool you, their toes were warm and toasty hidden underneath those beautiful dresses!


Consider the weather:

Living in the Pacific Northwest gives us a wide variety of weather and so make sure you check the forecast before heading out for your session. If it’s going to be cold, bundle and layer a bit so that you (and the kids) will be warm and toasty during the session. Bringing an umbrella is never a bad idea just in case stray showers are moving through your perfect location. Matt truly embraced the rain as it started to pour during his session this past fall. As I was hovered under my umbrella keeping the camera equipment dry, his spirits weren’t dampened a bit! (Get it? There I go again… )

Boy Senior Pictures at Mayflower Dairy Farm

Express yourself: 

Part of a successful photo shoot is feeling good about yourself in the clothes that you choose. If you feeling awkward and unsure of your outfit it will reflect in your photos. You want your images to reflect your personality and confidence and wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful will help you shine in every photo. Most importantly, be yourself and don’t let trends throw you off from expressing who you are. These are your photos, so enjoy yourselves! I loved how Thomas and Suzanne brought their jerseys for their engagement shoot. These two have definitely bonded over sports and it is an important part of who they are. Well done you two!

Chambers Bay Engagement Session


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