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“Self-esteem is a set of attitudes and beliefs that a person brings with him or herself when facing the world. It includes beliefs as to whether he or she can expect success or failure, how much effort should be put forth, whether failure at a task will “hurt,” and whether he or she will become more capable as a result of different experiences. In psychological terms, self-esteem provides a mental set that prepares the person to respond according to expectations of success, acceptance, and personal strength.”


~Stanley Coopersmith

The In Be"tween" Years...

Do you remember when your tween was little and you photographed every moment? The baby and toddler years are traditionally the most photographed years of a person's life. As the middle school years approach, the pictures dwindle until they reach that important milestone- senior year.


The tween and teen years are such a transitional time in a girl's life. It's a time when they are so impressionable and discovering who they are and what they are capable of. Change happens quickly during these years and they go from being a girl that loves dolls to a young woman with strong feelings and emotions.


Look at the 2 images below of Alexis. These images were taken a short 3 years apart. From an 8th grader that loved to bury her nose in books to a young woman applying for the pre-med program at Princeton. Look at her confidence and how much it has grown in front of the camera. The change is remarkable during this time and it deserves to be captured.

"Tammy gave our daughter exactly what she needed during this transitional time in her life. Everything we wanted for her she took away from her session- feeling beautiful, special and confident. We have continued to have Tammy document Lily's growth over the last four years and now she is a senior! To see her growth and progress through the teen years has given us such joy and created a timeline of memories. We can't thank her enough for the opportunity to have all the beautiful images and keepsakes!"


~Robin Leick




Behind the Scenes

The goal of our tween and teen sessions are to give our teens a time where they are free from expectations and schedules. This is their time where they can express who they are and what they love at this time in their life. These sessions are all about building confidence and providing an uplifting and positive experience for teens and tweens. We want them to walk away from their sessions feeling empowered, excited and special. Here are just a few peeks into what goes into our sessions:

  • Consults, questionnaires, apps and resource guides to help you fully plan, prepare and create a special day with your teen.
  • Full guidance on body-positive posing to build your teen's confidence and ease in front of the camera.
  • Specialty in lighting and custom edits for beautiful images that bring out the best in your teen.
  • Professional services such as pro hair and makeup for a polished look and pampering your teen on their portrait day.


Portrait sessions are an amazing opportunity to get rare 1:1 time with your busy teen. Sign-up below for free tips on how to create a special day that they will remember long after their pictures are taken.


Elite Program

The Elite Program is an exclusive photo opportunity where high-school age teens and their families can participate in multiple photo sessions and activities over the course of a year. This program is perfect for teens that love new experiences, love to meet new friends and want to create lots of fun memories. All the sessions and activities planned for the Elite Program are built with our teens and their families in mind. It gives our teens a chance to build their confidence and have something special to look forward to. Here are just a few of the advantages of the program:


  • Mother and Teen Photo Experiences
  • Best Friend Photo Experiences
  • Exclusive Family and Sibling Discounts
  • Premium Location Options
  • Priority Scheduling for Sessions

Session Experiences

Elite Program

1.5 HOUR Teen Session

Premium Location Option

Up To (5) Additional Mini Sessions

Pre-Session Style Consultation

Priority Scheduling

$300 Retainer Fee

** Above price is for the retainer fee only. Digital and print packages are sold separately and start at $995. Minimum order is required for the Elite Program

.** Average Investment ranges from $1800-$3000 depending on package chosen

Traditional Session

1 HOUR Teen or Tween Session

Standard Location Option

Pre-Session Style Consultation



$300 Retainer Fee

** Above price is for the retainer fee only. Digital and print packages are sold separately and start at $995.

** Average Investment ranges from $1800-$2600 depending on package chosen


Professional Hair and Makeup





Prices vary based off service

** We have pro hair and makeup artists and stylists that serve our clients. Please inquire directly on pricing for the above services.

Our Client's Favorite Things

Our goal is to provide our clients with a premium experience and offer a variety of services that allow them to customize their sessions. We want our clients to not only love their images, but to also have tangible keepsakes that last long after their session. Here are the most popular things our client's love when working with us.


Boutique Print Items

We offer a large variety of custom print options including luxury albums, graduation items, keepsake boxes and wall art. Our print items are handcrafted especially for our clients and give them a beautiful remembrance of their portrait day.

Professional Services

Our clients love our pro hair and makeup and styling services. Our professionals are invested in making sure our clients are confident and feel beautiful on their portrait day.

Client Resources

We have lots of resources to help you plan the perfect day. Client guides, pre-session consults and phone apps are available to answer all your questions, provide tips and support you, every step of the way.

How To Get Started

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  2. You'll receive an email within 48 hours filled with all the information on session options, pricing and available dates.
  3. Once you've had a chance to review all the material, simply email us and we'll get the experience all set up!

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