Being a T(w)een is tough. The amount of pressure and expectations on our young women today is in one word “daunting”. Between school work and extra curricular activities, our Tweens and Teens (T(w)teens) are some of the most over-scheduled, over-worked people I know. There is SO much going on during this time in a girl’s life. So much change, so much uncertainty. Moms, do you remember being that age? I remember my T(w)een years being some of the hardest in my life. They were years full of family turmoil and embarrassment. I was stuck in between trying to deal with my own awkward, “wanting to fit in” life issues and quickly trying to grow up and manage all the drama going on at home. It was miserable and stressful. All I wanted was to make friends, to fit in and be “normal”, but that was not my reality. Those years were so pivotal in my life- I had no idea at the time, but it shaped so much of the woman I am today.

Going through some old boxes, I found this picture of me in 6th grade- I remember this picture being taken and it is truly one of the few that I have during this time in my life. I remember fussing over my hair that morning and complaining about the dumb cowlick that taunted me. I felt so awkward- trying a million different outfits on to fit in and be “cool” – while staying true to my own set of values. As I dove deeper into the picture box there were literally no other pictures of me during this time. I found a ton when I was little and all my senior photos but none during this time that was so tough on me, so important, and so character building.

During the majority of the year, I have the privilege of photographing lots of high school seniors, brides on their wedding day, and families with young children, but I hardly ever get requested to photograph the “in- between” years- the T(w)eens and early teenagers. So much emphasis is put on the beginning and end of things, but I feel it’s what happens in the middle that often counts the most. I love photographing T(w)eens and watching them open up, flourish and gain confidence in front of my camera. T(w)een sessions give our young women the opportunity to be valued, treasured, adored, and be given a safe place to express themselves. That is such a precious gift to be given. Imagine what it will do for a T(w)een to give them some focused time to express themselves in front of the camera. For them to walk away with some amazing photos of where and who they are today and to have a personalized session to build them up. In a society that has to much pressure, that has so much going on, wouldn’t it be amazing to focus on this stage of life, celebrate it and capture it? Below is a video of a live T(w)een session with one of my amazing Tweens- Vivi Kalb. My goal is to give each girl an opportunity to be themselves without judgement or expectation and capture who they are today, with beautiful images:

T(w)een Experience Sessions:

T(w)een Experience Sessions are perfect for girls ages 10-16 that would benefit from an amazing personalized experience built just for them. During the month of March and April, your T(w)een can receive a complimentary personalized session that includes a 1 hour photo session, fun questionnaires for them and their parents, and a combined slideshow sharing their photographs and family quotes to create an uplifting and personalized experience like Shelby’s video below. The session is complimentary during select dates and locations in March and April and space is limited to 8 girls. Along with the session you will also receive a $25 print credit (a total $250 value). Print and Digital Packages are sold separately and start at $495.

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