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Top Favorite Wedding Photos from 2016

What an amazing year it has been- I truly have been so blessed to do so many wonderful things with my business and meet so many fantastic people. I love getting to the end of the year and taking the opportunity to look back on all the great couples I have had the honor to spend the day with. I had GREAT couples this year (I always do, truly). There were so many funny, heartfelt, sentimental and emotional moments that I was able to be a part of, so many good memories. For today’s Top Favorites, here are my favorite wedding photos from some the weddings I had the chance to be a part of this year. It was HARD choosing just a few pictures for each category (some I went a bit overboard), so bare with me, okay?

Favorite Detail Shots:

Details are some of my favorite shots to take on a wedding day. I love finding unique backdrops and trying to perfect those ring shots (which isn’t easy, I tell you). I always find the detail shots a personal challenge and love when I get them just right. My favorites this year were Kristen’s beautiful wedding dress hanging off the front porch for her beautiful back yard wedding, Mallorie and Rich’s book ring shot for their library themed wedding, and can you believe the light on Mallorie’s shoes? Yummy! As for my favorite bouquet shot, this one was hard, but Lindsay’s gorgeous bouquet in front of green bamboo at Januik Winery added such a splash of fun color, I just loved it. Finally, Kristen and Isaac’s ring shot I couldn’t refuse- it’s so hard to get the diamond in perfect focus- I am just really proud of that shot!

Wedding Dress Wedding BouquetWedding Ring DetailsWedding Ring PictureWedding Shoes Detail ShotFavorite “Getting Ready” Shots: 

I love capturing the moments on a wedding day that show genuine connection and emotion. The “getting ready” time of the day is a great opportunity to sit back, observe and capture such moments. When the bridesmaids help the bride get dressed, this is the time that most of my favorite images of the day are captured. I love watching the interaction between the girls, the buzz of excitement, and those first moments when all the ladies see the bride in her dress. It’s such a heartfelt part of the day and truly one of my favorites to document.

Bride Getting Ready Picture

Getting Ready Pictures

Bridal Party Getting Ready

Bride Getting ReadyFavorite Bridal Shots: 

I always do bridal images during the formal “bride and groom” pictures, but my favorite images of the bride are always captured in the quiet moments before they go to meet-up with their groom. Here Kristen is heading down the stairs to go meet Isaac, giddy with anticipation. The soft glow of the window was magnificent and I snapped this shot on her way down. In the second image, Lacey had just finished getting dressed and I caught this shot right before heading out for her formal pictures. It’s such a quiet and beautiful moment. I am so happy I caught it!

Getting Ready Wedding Photos

Bride Getting ReadyFavorite Groom Shots: 

Typically I am with the bride during the getting ready shots and my second photographer is with the groom. Pamela Obenchain of Pamela Obenchain Photography captured this great picture of Rich waiting for his bride, Mallorie for their first look. Knowing Rich’s personality, it just fit him to a “T” and I was so happy Pam caught it! The second photo, Sam Amburgey took of Thomas right before leaving for his wedding ceremony. The beautiful light, colors and pose make this one a favorite!

Groom getting ready

Groom getting ready

Favorite First Look Shots: 

The “first look” is my absolute favorite time of the day! I love capturing the bride and groom’s reactions when they see each other! The genuine excitement, pride, and appreciation for each other come out in these photos and I love every minute of it. Dillon is precious in this picture after seeing Nicole during their wedding at the Mormon Temple this past spring. He was so happy! And look how beautiful Stacy is in her dress! The look of love and pride on her face as she is showing Jason her look is so genuine- she was stunning. And then there is Lindsay who’s looking at Rob in a way that shows her excitement for all the day has yet to bring. Aren’t they adorable? Simply perfection!

First Look Bride and Groom

First Look Bride Picture

First Look Bride and Groom

Favorite Bride and Groom Shots: 

All right, well, I couldn’t chose just one, or two, or three for that matter. All of these images I love for countless reasons, whether it’s the emotion, lighting, or that I am just proud of getting the shot! I told you I have amazing couples and each of these images shows why. I typically shoot up close because I love capturing intimacy, so it’s no wonder that my top picks are up close and personal! I love looking at these because they all make me smile. I loved being a part of their day!

Summer Sunflower Bride and Groom Photos

Bride and Groom Wedding Photos

Bride and Groom Cherry Blossoms

Bride and Groom Photos

Wedding couple and old car

Bride and Groom Picture

Bride and Groom Januik Winery

Favorite Ceremony Shots:

The ceremony is another part of the wedding day that I get to observe and see what action and emotion unfolds. The two images I picked for my favorites were pictures that I couldn’t have guided, rehearsed or posed, they were moments of pure love and devotion to each other. Thomas watching Suzanne coming down the aisle in their beautiful Catholic ceremony brought me to tears. He was overflowing with emotions and his love for Suzanne showed all over his face. Karyn and Chris tied the knot in their backyard after being together for 9 years. Madison, Karyn’s daughter, proudly married them after becoming ordained. Madison was so proud to complete her first ceremony and Karyn and Chris were so excited to be married- what a great moment for all 3 of them!

Groom Ceremony Picture

Backyard Wedding with Sunflowers

Favorite Wedding Party Shots: 

I love the wedding party shots that are not overly posed and full of spirit and fun. Alli and Reese’s wedding party was full of character on their wedding day and this shot was taken during the reception after some dinner and dancing. They were ready to party in the streets of Capital Hill! Lacey and Brandon’s wedding party were tons of fun too and I love this walking shot that shows all of their personalities!

Wedding Party- Downtown Seattle

Wedding Party Pioneer Park Pavilion

Favorite Father/Daughter Shots: 

Father and Daughter relationships are always an emotional part of a wedding day. I love watching the connection between fathers and daughters, it’s a love that only a father and a “daddy’s girl” can truly understand. Mallorie’s first look with her dad was definitely one of my favorites. Look at his face and the love he has for his little girl- so wonderful. Stacy and her dad also had an amazing connection with each other. I loved watching them interact on her wedding day. This photo was captured on the dance floor and the way that they are looking at each other is simply beautiful.

Father and Bride Picture

Father Daughter Dance

So there you have it! My favorite wedding photos from 2016! Thank you to all the amazing couples I got to work with this year, it was such an honor to capture your wedding day. Everyone have a great day and thanks for reading!

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