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Tips for Preparing for your Graduation Day

It’s graduation week- is everyone getting excited? Here are some tips on how to prepare for your graduation day!

1) Wear your graduation cap on top of your head. It does not go on the back of your head. Yes, your hair will get crushed and you will look ridiculous but that’s the whole point of the cap. It’s just for the day, so put it on the top of your head and move on.

2) Wear comfortable shoes. You are going to be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes aren’t pinching and making you miserable.

3) Don’t get a spray tan before graduation. Spray tans come across completely orange in images, not to mention it will rub off on your cap and gown.

4) If you are giving a speech, make it short. Write your speech, chop it in half, and then read it to a friend to make sure it keeps their attention.

5) Tell your parents “thank you” for all their support through the last 13 years. All the driving to activities, paying for prom dresses and worrying about you deserves a big hug and lots of appreciation.

6) Take the time to take it all in. This is the last big celebration, so take time to look around, spend time with people you care about and enjoy your day.

7) Decorate your cap or make sure your name is in it. When it comes to the cap toss, you don’t want to lose your cap, so make sure you can easily identify it.

8) Make sure you eat (and hydrate). Graduation ceremonies are LONG, so make sure you eat something before you head out. The last thing you want is to have your tummy grumbling during the ceremony.

9) Put a lipstick in your pocket. You are going to take lots of images on your graduation day, so make sure you look picture perfect and have a lipstick ready to go for touchups.

10) Send “thank you” cards. After all the graduation festivities are done, make sure you send thank you cards to everyone that sent you goodies or presents. You want to make sure you tell them how much they are appreciated!

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