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Senior Picks: Top 10 Senior Poses Chosen by 2017 Seniors

I love working with Seniors and have loved working with so many amazing kids this year from across the United States. Posing seniors was one of my biggest focuses and areas that I wanted to grow in this year. My goal was to not recreate the wheel with every session, but to build a portfolio of poses that have lots of variety and show consistency in my style. Having the ability to guide your seniors into flattering and intentional poses is a huge part of their overall experience and helps build their confidence in front of your camera. The more confident they feel, the better their images will be and the more they will love the end product. I took a look back at all of their galleries and which poses they chose at their personal favorites. Curious which was my #1 pose for 2017 Seniors? Read below for the Top 10 favorite poses chosen and purchased by my awesome Seniors this year!

#10 Senior Pose- Pocket Pose:

My posing focuses a lot on hand placement, so to have a more casual look and feel, when my Seniors have a comfortable pair of jeans on, I always do Pocket Shots. Typically I pose them slightly on the diagonal, have them put their weight on the back leg (the front leg should bend slightly) and pop their thumbs in their pockets. Make sure they relax their shoulders and especially the shoulder closest to the camera. Bonus Tip: Have them look off and down for extra variety and fun in this pose!

Downtown Tacoma-Opera Alley Senior Pictures

Downtown Tacoma Senior Boy Pictures

Georgetown WA. Senior Pictures

#9 Senior Pose- Yearbook Lean Pose: 

This pose is my top pose chosen by my Seniors for their yearbook pictures. It is a great head and shoulders shot and puts the focus on their eyes and face, perfect for the yearbook. Have them lunge forward on one leg (this will angle them lower than you) and have then place their hands on the forward knee and look up at you. Shoot down on them so their eyes are up towards the sky. Bonus Tip: Use a reflector for extra light on their face and beautiful catch lights!

Clark Lake Park Senior Pictures

Chambers Bay Senior PicturesMayflower Dairy Farm Senior Pictures

#8 Senior Pose- Laying Tummy Pose: 

When it’s been dry and the weather allows it, lay your Senior on their stomach and have them prop their chin up on their hands for a great, comfortable pose. Make sure their hand is pulled back from their face so they don’t compete with their face and have them keep their fingers soft. Bonus Tip: Make sure you angle yourself so their shoes are off to the side of their head so they don’t get bunny ears!

Clark Lake Park Senior Pictures

Saltwater State Park Senior PicturesChamber's Bay Senior Photos

#7 Senior Pose- Sitting Poses:

There are tons of options when it comes to sitting poses, whether is up against a wall or sitting “criss cross”. This is a great pose for getting their full body and showcasing their whole outfit. Keep it casual and simple with their hands and shoulders nice and relaxed.

Georgetown boy senior picturesGeorgetown Washington Senior Pictures

Downtown Tacoma Senior Pictures#6 Senior Pose- Swaying: 

Adding poses that show movement is an asset to your portfolio of poses and this one is perfect for outfits that are soft and flowy. Have them stand facing you and sway from side to side with their hands slightly out from their hips. This always gets them smiling since it fun and silly so you’ll get that genuine laughter and emotions. Don’t have them look at the camera, have them look off and down for the best results. Bonus Tip: Make sure their legs and feet move naturally with them or they will look stiff and robotic!

Mayflower Dairy Farm Senior Pictures

Mt. Rainier Senior Pictures

Saltwater State Park Senior Pictures

#5 Senior Pose- Jacket Leaning Forward Pose:

My Seniors love this pose! Jackets where a huge trend this year and so why not play up their favorite accessory with this fun pose! Have them place their hands up by their collar (one hand slightly higher than the other) and lean forward slightly toward your camera. Bonus Tip: For extra play on this pose have them take their nose to their shoulder and cast their eyes down for a great “look down” shot. You can also have them hug into themselves (like on a cold day) to provide extra variety in this pose as well.

Chambers Bay Senior Pictures

Gene Coulon Park Senior PicturesBellevue Botanical Gardens Senior Pictures

#4 Senior Pose- Jacket Side Pose:

Did I mention jackets were popular this year? This is another variety on the forward Jacket Pose that my Seniors loved as well. Have then stand diagonally with the weight on their back foot (front leg should slightly bend). Have them place their hands up by the collar (back hand should be slightly higher) and bring their nose and eyes to your camera. Bonus Tip: Make sure that front shoulder is relaxed!

Chamber's Bay Senior Pictures

Clark Lake Park Senior pictures

Mayflower Dairy Farm Senior Pictures

#3 Senior Pose- Hands on Face Pose: 

Now we are getting into my Senior’s Top 3 Favorite Poses with the amazing Face shots! My Seniors love this shot and several chose this for their yearbook photo as well. Have them stand facing you and bring their hands up by their face. Have them peel their hair back so that their hands are slightly behind their ears. Make sure one hand is higher than the other and the elbows are down and not directed forward at your camera. This pose is amazing with great back light and make sure you use a reflector for amazing catch lights. Bonus tip: Have them peel one hand down toward their neck line and look down for extra drama!

Mount Rainier Senior Pictures

Chambers Bay Senior Pictures

Mayflower Dairy Farm Senior Pictures

#2 Senior Pose- Walking:

Walking shots are by far some of my favorite shots to take. They can be tricky since your subject is moving and they can blur easily so have them walk slow. Simply have them walk toward your camera (did I mention slow?). Don’t have them look at you, but off or down so you get a more genuine look and feel. Have the girls slowly tuck some hair behind their ear for an extra sweet shot. Bonus Tip: Have them walk away from you for a photo with extra emotion and drama. Just make sure they are looking off and not forward.

Downtown Tacoma Senior Pictures

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge Senior Pictures

Chambers Bay Senior Pictures

Downtown Tacoma Boy Senior Pictures

#1 Senior Pose- Sitting Close-Up Head Pose:

So now we are at the number 1 favorite pose chosen by my Seniors this year! This pose is so simple but is powerful with the beautiful bokeh and light when done right (I shoot at f2.2 with this pose). Have your Senior sit criss-cross on the ground and lean slightly forward towards your camera. Have them look up and angle in close so the top of your frame is right at the top of their head. They can have their hands up by their face or not, either makes a great photo. Pop a reflector in front of them to cast amazing light on their face and eyes. Bonus Tip: Shoot at a slight angle so their shoulders look more narrow and have them slightly turn their head so their eyes are square at the camera.

Clark Lake Park Senior PicturesUrban Senior PicturesVirginia Farm Senior Pictures

So there you have it! My top poses chosen by my Seniors this year! Seniors look for guidance and instruction in posing, so whichever are your favorites, providing them with clear direction is key to their experience. Thanks for reading and good luck in refining your style!

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