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Hello. I'm Tammy.

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Why I Photograph Teens and Seniors

I vividly remember the day I came home after photographing my very first senior session. I had been doing wedding photography for years and I remember coming home and telling my husband how much that portrait session meant to me. I knew at that moment I didn’t want to photograph anything else but teens and seniors moving forward.


What I loved about my session with Clara that summer day was the personal connection I created with her. It was quality, 1:1 time where I could get to know her, work with her and create an experience just for her. Having control over her experience was so different from the weddings I had been photographing. Here, I could lift up, empower, and instill confidence. I could express emotion, care and acceptance. It fed my soul and I've dedicated my entire business to it ever since.

My Philosophy

Motherhood is hard, can I get an amen? There are so many emotions that go into being a mom that it's like riding some crazy loop-da-loop rollercoaster. There are days with my tween son, Jack, where I see a glimpse of all he is capable of; and then there are the days I'm banging my head into a wall thinking I have to be the worst boy-mom ever. But underneath it all, I know I am growing a relationship with him that is creating the foundation for the amazing man he will one day become. He is my legacy and the reason I work as hard as I do. I want him to have something to look back on and know how much Dan and I poured our hearts into him, how invested we are in his happiness and how much we love him. After all, isn't that what life is about? Sharing our love for one another?

That same philosophy is at the heart of my business. My client sessions are not about pictures, they are about creating the time and space to connect and celebrate your teen. I get to document your legacy and all the hard work and tears you have put into the amazing human you are raising. I get to create the artwork to hang on your wall that you will look at and laugh, smile and remember. Relationship, connection, community, transparency, tradition; these are the qualities that I embrace in my business. They motivate me to do my best work and serve my clients to the fullest every day.

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