Monthly Archives: December 2016

Top Favorite Wedding Photos from 2016

What an amazing year it has been- I truly have been so blessed to do so many wonderful things with my business and meet so many fantastic people. I love getting to the end of the year and taking the opportunity to look back on all the great couples I have had the honor to…

Senior Picks: Top 10 Senior Poses Chosen by 2017 Seniors

I love working with Seniors and have loved working with so many amazing kids this year from across the United States. Posing seniors was one of my biggest focuses and areas that I wanted to grow in this year. My goal was to not recreate the wheel with every session, but to build a portfolio…

Senior Picks: Top Locations Chosen by 2017 Seniors

It’s been an incredible year and I have loved the opportunity to work with so many amazing 2017 Seniors this past season!  When it comes to Seniors, its all about location, location, location. Choosing the perfect location for their Senior Pictures is a big deal and there were definitely some favorites among my 2017 Seniors this year….

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